What is OurBank?

OurBank is a Free/Open Source management information system specifically designed for microfinance institutions (MFIs) and self-help groups (SHGs).

This software provides a one-system solution for:

  • Internal administrative management
  • Client relationship management
  • Financial management, including savings, loans and insurance


More than just a software solution

OurBank is not just software, its users become a part of a network of individuals and orgnaisations working for the same goal: to stimulate local development. MFIs and SHGs across India and South Asia are blossoming. It is no doubt that they will benefit from a standard solution and a vast network of Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) users where they can support one another.

At OurBank, we are constantly seeking feedback to improve our software offerings, so that you and your organisation can improve lives.

A no-to-low cost application that is easy to deploy, user-friendly, and secure: OurBank.