About OurBank


Microfinance institutions (MFIs) and self-help groups (SHGs) faces common reoccuring information management issues.

An effective way of streamlining processes -for all entreprises- is the implementation of management systems. There are Human Resources Management systems, Financial Information Management systems, Client/Customer Relationship Management systems, and the list goes on. With so many to choose from it becomes complicated and expensive for social development organisations to meet their information management needs.

Proprietary software from the big-name companies sell cookie-cutter systems with little room for customisation. Personalised systems are even more expensive and the vendors can charge for every small update they provide.


OurBank is the answer to all of these issues:

  • cost-efficient; leaving you with more to reinvest in your organisation
  • user-friendly; if you understand only the basics of computers, you can use our software
  • customisable; no two organisations are the same, why should your software be
  • scalable; when your organisation grows, our software grows with it
  • localised; with local-laguage support for your specific context
  • integrated; all processes, including social data collection, in one repository
  • FOSS; no vendor lock-in and continued contribution to the commons - for everyone's benefit
  • grassroots-driven; we listen to your needs and update the software accordingly



The need for effective and transparent software solution

A report by MixMarket.org stated that approximately 1% of MFIs are using commercial software, the remaining using some other management information system, excel sheets, or paper-based systems to maintain their history of borrowers, loans, repayment, and other details pertaining to the MFI. OurBank is there for that 99%.