Just before we spilt to usher the new year!


This was an eventful week for the OurBank team:

  • Software specification design
  • Database Design
  • Framework Design
  • Website updates
  • Collaborative infrastructure
  • Competition analysis



Requirements gathering is almost complete. We will be able to release the first version soon.

Database analysis in progress.

We have done extensive market analysis in the field and have gathered information from sector specialists. These inputs will be included in the requirements document.

Before January 1st we will release the first version of the functional and non-functional specifications.



We have started discussing the project with various stake holders. These include

  • IFMR Trust
  • CiviCRM Team
  • Plural India
  • Interested MFIs in Karnataka


We have started talking to potential members of the Advisory Board. We hope to form the advisory board by 10th January 2009.



Collaborative infrastructure

  • Web site (beta) has gone live on Christmas day!
  • Documentation wiki and issue tracker initialised



The OurBank team wishes you all a fabulous New Year ahead!