Convene is a platform for social innovators.

The network promotes the use of Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) to meet tech-based needs of social development organisations.

Online, members can develop their ideas and projects through a supportive and collaborative network of peers. Informal learning and local adaptation of initiatives are the focus.

On-the-ground, through international workshops, Convene educates social groups, teachers, students, human rights bodies and civil rights groups about the value of Free/Open Source Software.



Why Convene


Move past traditional learning methods, by learning from others’ experiences. Learn to use FOSS and bring those lessons back to respective communities, connection the "base-of-pyramid" with the rest of the world.


Apply what you learn to your initiative/idea, enhance your work, be more efficient in your tasks.


Share lessons you’ve learnt in your work; share difficulties and successes. Spread the knowledge in your communities; local, national, international, tech-based, issue-based communities.


Ideas become working products/services meeting the social development needs of our collective communities. Foster a culture of openness, knowledge, sharing and development.