The Loan Process in OurBank can be customised to suit the process within the organisation.

Any number of stages for monitoring can be introduced from the new loan request to the disbursement. 

The user can view the request status, sanctioned amount, number of loans received at any stage of the approval process. 

The sanctioned amount can be customised to allow editing just before disbursement. 

The edit & view function can be customised as per the access authority.

The type of loan and its terms can be configured in OurBank as per the policy adopted by the organisation. Customisation of Individual Loan product is very simple in OurBank.

The rate of interest, terms of repayment, processing fee, service charges, or even foreclosure conditions, if configured at the time of creating the product would display the EMI, outstanding or amount payable in case of foreclosure. 

Any product can be marked for eligibility criteria. 

While processing the request, the application will display the available loan product for the type of group or individual.

 Each loan can be monitored through a unique loan account number that is automatically generated. This helps to find out the loan history and performance of groups and individuals against the loan issued to them.


OurBank can be customised to track loans against the fund and funder as well. OurBank can provide the status of 'funds received' from any funder against the utilisation of such fund towards micro credit activities. 

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Features described here are subject to the customisation desired by the organisation and All are NOT available with OurBank by default or Free