Meeting is an essential; part of SHG activities. The performance of a member in the group is assessed in the meeting. A detail meeting book reflects the sincerity of the group members towards the commitment and effort made by an individual to utilise the loan they received.
A member in a group may enjoy -
Share of the loan received by her / his group
Loan received by self from the organisation
Loan received from the group's own fund
Loan received from some other source

The organisation has to monitor the members repayment status as well as the savings habit to assess the members capacity to repayment and effort to utilise the money for the purpose the loan was taken.
OurBank's Meeting module can be customised to provide an option to the organisation to monitor all of these factors and grade the group as per the activities of its members. A meeting book in OurBank stores & displays the basic information of a group mentioned below :

Group Name
Group I D
No. of Members
Place of Meeting
Scheduled Dt of Meeting
Actual Dt of Meeting
Scheduled Time of Meeting
Actual Time of Meeting

The detail of activities against each member is recorded further against the factors that reflect the member's financial status as well as the recovery status against the loan given to their group.

Name of the Member
Saving A/c No
Loan A/c No
Savings Till date
Deposit TODAY
Share of Group Loan
Group Loan Paid TODAY
Internal Loan Till Date
Internal Loan Paid TODAY
Self Loan On Date
Self Loan Instalment Paid TODAY

The factors mentioned above are the common ones among most of the SHGs and also for most of the micro lending organisations involved with SHG development. OurBank, however can be easily customised to integrate any other factor or model of Meeting being in practice in a n organisation
The scoring against each factor including attendance can be taken for group grading, and the Meeting Book displays
'Computed Today's Score'
Which is arrived at after taking in consideration, the scoring from the last meeting. The history of grade helps to follow the group or if required even an individual and decide about future action related to them.


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