Membership module takes care of creating member database. This can be used to create groups or SHGs. Simple version of OurBank  stores basic information like : 

Personal Information : Name, Gender, Age, Marital status etc. 

Contact Information  : Address, Location, Phone no. etc. 

Family Information    : Member Information, Head of family etc. 

Economic Information: Source of Income, Annual Income etc.

Customisation is based on the type of data captured about a member. Customise OurBank to 

Create a member database ensuring a member is not represented in multiple groups. 

Restrict membership to the non-earning member of a family. 

Other conditions for being a member of an SHG.

Group creation in OurBank can be customised in two ways:

Individual member details are recorded with their basic personal and contact information and then based on locality, area or any other parameter, a group can be created.


Create the group first, and then add members to the group. Basic data about the members are stored and all the transactions are maintained at group level.


OurBank has the capacity to store unlimited number of records to include members data as per requirements of your customisation.

It can also generate reports based on data captured such as:

Geographical distribution

Gender ratio

Economic status

Living standard

Loan history etc.

Advanced Features in Membership Module include a lot other detailed information which you may read here.

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Features described here are subject to the customisation desired by the organisation and All are NOT available with OurBank by default or Free