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Options available in OurBank to capture socio economic data about individual members and their family. These information helps to plan for any other social project. Any new health scheme can be targeted towards a specific type of members who fulfil the requirements of the project beneficiaries or target audience. Detail on loan history or its status of  individual member can be a deciding factor for designing future product. Information on Asset holding determines the penetration of organisation to the section of community it wished to reach at the onset of the project. The option allows to capture and store information at  various angle. 



Fathers / Husband Name 





    Small business    

    eg:    Shop owner 



        Others (can be added by User) 

Assets Holding  

    Cultivable land-Acre 



    Non Living Assets 

Personal I D No. 

The type of information captured mentioned above are indicative only. The organisation have option to add as many as they wish to collect and store data about a member for future project or analysis. 


The loan disbursed to group under joint liability sharing concept as prevailed in SHG building practice, is further distributed among the members. The organisation can opt for tracking the flow of this loan at individual level, even if the initial request amount differs from the final receipt of share of the loan by any individual member. In case of unlikely disengagement of member within the tenure of loan period, the organisation as well as the concerned SHG will be able to find out the exact amount repaid and owed by the member on that occasion.


The community served by any Micro Finance Institution are by and large represented by such members who have multiple source of income and loan which are transacted through their individual savings account. OurBank provides option to the organisation to customise the application up to the level where in the transaction through their savings account is tracked and monitored. This helps the organisation to understand the financial intelligence of the member to whom they have issued loan and are subject to recovery within a specific period. Failing which chance of losing control over the group as a whole might set in.

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