? How long does it take to install OurBank?

- Development of OurBank depends on the type of customisation required. This could take 21 to 61 working days for simple to advanced customisation. Installation can be done immediately after that.
The features & functionalities described above are subject to customisation and not available with OurBank by default.

? Can anyone with little computer knowledge work with OurBank?

- Little knowledge of computer will always be helpful. One who is conversant with keyboard operation and organisation's working procedure will find OurBank to be a very simple application to work with. Mahiti will train staff on operating procedure of OurBank and provide an operational manual.

? Will OurBank be helpful for any other activities of a voluntary organisation?

- The membership module can be customised to capture various data about members and their families. The detail about the community helps in planning assessing impact of any other project.

? Is there any limitation on number of registered members in OurBank?

- No. OurBank can store and process unlimited number of members.

? What is the maximum loan amount or account that can be managed by OurBank?

- There is no limit on amount or account in OurBank.

? What Reports are generated by OurBank?

- Reports are dependant on the data captured. OurBank generates all type of Status and Statistical Reports required to assess and analyse the performance of the organisation. Other than the general and financial reports like, summary of the organisation, Staff performance, Balance Sheet, Income & Expenditure or Outstanding report, OurBank can generate reports as desired by the organisation subject to the customisation of their application.

? How does Mahiti support OurBank, post installation?

- Apart from training the staff, Mahiti provides six months post-installation-online support, free of cost (excluding add/ modify features).

? Does OurBank support any other language?

- Yes, OurBank supports all Unicode language, and most of the major languages in the world including Regional languages of a few countries are available in Unicode. OurBank customised in Spanish,Portuguese, Bangla and quite a few  Indian regional languages, like Hindi, Kanada, Telegu beside English.

? What is the technical background of OurBank?
OurBank is built on free software like PHP, MySQL / PostgreSQL, ZEND, Android OS.

? What would be the hardware requirement to install OurBank for a multi locational organisation?
Server Hardware minimum requirements for online version of OurBank is
    160GB HDD
    2GB RAM
    1.88GHz processor(Intel core2duo)
    Ethernet card
    Static IP from  Internet provider.
    Domain Name

? Does mahiti host the application on their server or the organisation has to get it arranged through a third party.?

- Mahiti does not provide web hosting service, however it can help the organisation to get the agency.

? What could be the cost of OurBank application?
- The price of OurBank application depends on the level of customisation and the option required by the organisation. There is no charges on the basis of number of user. It is an one time investment that allows to scale as per organisation's plan.
Just to get an idea about how much it might cost you, please tell us your requirement, we will inform you immediately. 

Just to get an idea about how much it might cost you, please tell us your requirement, we will inform you immediately.