Reports serve mainly two purposes. 

1. Assess and analyse the performance of SHGs as well as that of the organisation itself 

2. Providing confidence to the partners and funders about the efficiency of the organisation's approach to achieve the goal with the community. 

Bare micro lending activity through OurBank would generate Reports that serve both the above purposes. It by default will produce : 


Summary of the activities of the organisation, that shows number of SHGs registered, Total loan disbursed and recovered, geographical presence of the organisation etc. 

Outstanding Report 

Displays Total receivable from the SHGs as on date and also as on a chosen date considering total principle less total principal repaid.The report can be generated Group wise, Field officer wise and area of presence wise. 

Overdue Report 

Shows as on date receivable unpaid instalments. Helps the organisation to take necessary action to check defaulters 

PAR (Portfolio At Risk) 

Ageing analysis of the loans approaching to wards longer overdue period. The organisation can decide about these accounts for future transaction. 

Balance Sheet 

Based on the loan transaction Balance Sheet is generated that provides a clear picture about the organisation's performance. 

Depth and Extensiveness of these reports depends on the level of data captured subject to the nature of customisation of the application. OurBank can be customised to generate any number and type of reports required by the organisation. It NOT ONLY can be customised with a lot more options as mentioned in More on Regular Features , and generate Reports accordingly but also can be made to adopt the typical nature of activites and transaction related to Micro Finance, Co-Operative Banking or similar activities.

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