Since 2002 when we registered as a private limited company, Mahiti has built multi-platform, multi-lingual and multi-media enabled web/ intranet/ kiosk applications for clients across the world. Mahiti has a team strength of 45+ IT engineers and support staff based out of Bangalore. We have delivered more than 1,000 projects to 300+ clients since our inception.

We focus on following verticals:

1.Building next generation brand identity – through integration of portal/ social networks/ mobile/ e-commerce technologies.
2.Enterprise applications – enterprise grade CRMs, ERP, SCM, LMS and Intranets.
The technologies we use
Mahiti specializes in the use of open-source platforms and frameworks; but we also use proprietary software.  These include Python based frameworks such as Django and Plone; PHP based frameworks such as Zend, Code Igniter, Druple and Joomla; telephone based frameworks such as Asterisk and Free Switch; and mobile app platforms such as Android and iPhone. 

 Dedicated OurBank Team consists :

  • Project Manager, with 12 years experience in the IT and MFI sectors

  • Researcher

  • Programmers

  • Database designer

  • Network coordinator

  • Many student volunteers


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