All  transactions in OurBank follow the customisation that has been executed in other modules. Transactions pass through corresponding ledger posting.

  • Transactions between the organisation and funders
  • Transactions between the organisation and SHGs
  • Transactions between the organisation and individual members
  • Day-to-day Transaction

Transaction with the Funder is convenient and error free in OurBank since the latest details on amount payable can be displayed at the time of executing the function.
The application can be customised to bifurcate the due into principal and interest.
The transaction records generate reports related to the funder and funds which are subject to customisation.

It is easier in OurBank to carry out all sort of transactions between the organisation and the groups.

  •     Accept membership fee
  •     Receipt of refundable deposit (liability)
  •     Track group savings without affecting organisation's books of accounts
  •     Disburse loan to SHGs or individuals
  •     Accept repayment from members or SHG
  •     Generate EMI chart for member or SHG

Anyone conversant with the organisation's book keeping can execute all the transaction.

No specialised computer skill required to work in OurBank.

  •     Create as many ledger and sub-ledgers to post accounting entries of all transaction.
  •     Enter detail of entries as per double entry method.

Transaction module can be customised with advanced features like, recording and carrying out individual savings with the organisation, or any transaction other than loan. The scope and possibilities of those features are described in 'More on Regular Features'. Read more about it here.

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 Features described here are subject to the customisation desired by the organisation and All are NOT available with OurBank by default or Free